When we started competing in triathlons, we had a lot of hassle transporting our bikes. Then we heard about boxes for bikes. We found how much they cost, we figured we should hire 'em out to one and all.

Santi and Javier Brage

Santi and Javier at Lisbon Half Iron 2013

The Brage boys, a fine example of 1970s fashion

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Santi and Javier Brage

We are two of four brothers who kept our parents running around after us, as you can imagine. As boys, we were all very competitive and sporty, representing school and county at various sports. It's this youthful energy we are fortunate enough to have carried through into adulthood, thanks largely to the mix of Galician blood and being brought up in Hull – that would set anyone up. 

Javier and I have now turned to triathlon. It's one of those sports that someone will convince you it’s a good idea to do, be nervous as hell before your first one, but then hooked forever more. Even swimming in 12-degree water near Heathrow on a cold April morning hasn't put us off. I'm sure our other two brothers Martin and Tony will follow us on this path at some point; I can't wait for the day when all four us compete in the same event.

2014 has seen Santi become a British Triathlon coach while Javier qualified for the World Duathlon champions in Galicia, northern Spain.