The Mallorca Experience: Tri Camps 2016 Terms and Conditions

This document sets out the terms and conditions for the services we provide to you the customer. The Mallorca Experience: Tri Camps 2016 (“the services”) are provided by “us”(“our coaches”, “we”), a 50:50 joint venture partnership between two limited companies: Box My Wheels Ltd (registered company no 08928031) and ZigZag Alive Ltd (registered company no 07780166).  The customer (“you”) applies to any individual, organisation or agents on your behalf who we contract with to provide our services.


Swimming, cycling and running all involve physical exertion and some degree of risk.  Your health and wellbeing are our primary concern and we will not put you in a situation which we feel would compromise that.  It is your responsibility to tell us of any condition or circumstance that might impact on your ability to take part in the activities for which you are seeking our support.

Before making a booking please ensure you have read all the information on the website and assure yourself that the activities described are suitable for your level of fitness and ability.  Please contact us by email or ‘phone if there is anything you are unsure about.  We aim to provide close attention to your swim technique and also offer help, if needed, with basic cycle skills and techniques.  Wherever possible we will ensure you are in group swims and rides suitable to your level of fitness and ability.  The camps are unlikely to be rewarding, though, if you are a beginner in either or both disciplines.  Most of the run sessions will be optional, pitched at a level appropriate to the group and the day’s exertions.


On receipt of your non-refundable deposit we will make a reservation at the hotel and confirm to you we are holding your place.  The outstanding payment needs to be with us 12 weeks before the date of your camp.

We may charge you for any equipment loaned or hired to you through us that is misused, damaged or lost.

Cancellation charges

  • If you notify us more than 12 weeks before date of camp - Loss of deposit
  • If you notify us less than 12 weeks before date of camp - Loss of deposit and total balance

Cancellation or changes made by us

Although it’s unlikely, it be necessary to make changes to the booking and/or other details both before and after bookings have been confirmed. Should we need some changes we reserve the right to do so but of course will inform as soon as possible. We will then offer you the choice of either accepting the changed arrangements notified to you, changing an alternative training camp date, or cancelling your holiday and receiving a full and prompt refund of all monies paid.


For the pool based swim sessions, we will talk through beforehand how much swimming you do, any particular concerns as well as what you hope to gain so we can provide appropriate, carefully tailored support.  The Life Guards and our coaches reserve the right to stop you taking part in a session, make changes to a planned session or take other appropriate action if they feel you are putting yourself and or others at risk.  You are asked to be mindful and respectful of other users.

Whilst there is a well sheltered beach nearby, ideal for open water swims, these do not form part of the coached services.  Please let us know though if and when you swim there.


Road cycling in particular can be a hazardous activity.  Whilst we take great care to ensure your safety, you take part in our rides at your own risk.  If you are bringing your own bike, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is in a safe, well maintained condition suitable for the rides to be undertaken.  You are also liable for any damage or harm that may be incurred to your own equipment or equipment under hire to you.

Our coaches reserve the right to refuse to take you on a ride if they judge you risk putting yourself and/or the rest of the group at risk, such as through dangerous or inappropriate equipment for the conditions.  Our coaches also reserve the right to change the route if they judge it is appropriate, such as in the event of a change in conditions and/or if there is a risk to yourself and others.

Medical and Health

You must tell us in advance of any medical conditions or disabilities that may affect your ability to take part in the range of activities at the Tri Camp.  We are very keen to make triathlon as accessible to as many people as possible so please tell us well in advance of any special needs you may have and we will see how we can best meet them.


We take very seriously our commitment of care to our customers and to ensuring, as far as possible, a safe and enjoyable experience – for example through safety cover at the pool, carefully planned and risk assessed routes and advice on hazards on route.  We accept we would be liable for any negligence or damage on our part.  We are not liable, however, for any harm, damage or loss that results from your own actions, actions beyond our control or which we cannot have reasonably foreseen.


Insurance for coaching activities are covered by [the British Triathlon Federation’s insurers and include up to £10m public liability indemnity and £5m professional indemnity.