Shoulder op recovery, riding steep hills, beetroot juice

Shoulder Labrum Repair and Rotator Cuff Repair

Following my operation on the 24th March to my shoulder for not just one but two repairs, my recuperation is going well. There are 3 key lessons I have learned so far:

  1. Let the shoulder heal, the first 6 weeks was important for this. It sounds obvious but don't jeopardise the repair/s by trying to push it
  2. Follow the physio instructions to the letter. I am now in the next stage which is to try and get good range of motion within my shoulder. So it is important to follow the exercises given and their recommended frequency. 
  3. Stay mentally positive. For someone who is active this period is really tough. I have treated this like a training plan with short term objectives along the way, I celebrated the first night I was able to sleep without my shoulder sling!.  Plus watch your diet, it could be easy to put weight on, for example comfort myself with junk treats. 

Cycling up Steep Hills

I thought I would share a comment from one of our Brighton Tri club coaches Graeme Cox, after riding up Ditchling Beacon and why to climb these type of steep hills in high cadence................

I wouldn't try climbing that fast in the big ring (malfunctions excepted). The slower the cadence, the more anaerobic the effort is for your legs. Think about lifting 150kg. You could do it as a lift of 2x75kg on a bar, or 10x15kg dumbbells. The former would be faster over this very short test but your muscles will tire very quickly. If the test was to lift weights continuously for 6 minutes, the dumbbell lifter would have by far the easier time of it and could maintain a steadier rhythm to lift more weight in total across the time.Same for cycling - don't be all macho. Keep your cadence up and don't worry about the 'big ring'.Cycling geeks will also tell you that you're slightly more efficient if you keep your chain out of the gearing extremes, avoiding chain rub etc. so there may be some small advantage in dropping to the small ring for mechanical reasons

Here is an example to ride a hill from Pete Dudley

Here is an example to ride a hill from Pete Dudley

Whilst on the subject of riding hills, my friend and training partner Peter Dudley completed the London Sportive last Sunday, 166k and over 2,000 meters of climbing. Great work.




Study Reveals Beetroot Juice Boosts Swim Endurance

Ever day there seems to be claims regarding what is good for our diet and will help with our performance.


A recent study has revealed the benefits of having beetroot juice in a triathlete's diet.

Research undertaken by the University of Cagliari, Italy; has revealed that consuming beetroot juice supplementation prior to exercise can improve performance in swimmers. The study observed that the naturally occurring dietary nitrates in beetroot juice are the main reason for this improvement; they reduce the amount of oxygen needed for energy production by the body’s main energy systems. More specifically a short duration of beetroot juice supplementation lead to an improvement in swim endurance and an increase in the swimmers ability to work at their maximal level.


2014 Pontevedra ITU Duathlon World Championships

It is getting closer now for the World Championships and my brother Javier is been putting in some really good speed brick sessions. Unfortunately work can get in the way sometimes and currently he is in New York.


I have included the website for the event where the race can be followed plus a profile of the course. Very much a Galician ride, hilly!