Update on Jav's training & my shoulder

With a week to go Jav's training is now back on plan. He has a short turnaround between Clumber Park and Morpeth Duathlon but his diet is much better (no Port or chocolate!), and has been able to recover and put in some good quality run and bike sessions. He completed a Brick session on Saturday 28th, incorporating the Richmond Park Parkrun. After 3 laps on the bike, he finished the 5k run 17th overall at 19.15 pace. A couple more sessions this week, and brief tapering into Sunday's race, should at least have him in a better prepared state than Clumber.

As for myself, operation completed and now for some lengthily recovery. I can at least console myself that I passed my level 1 Triathlon coaching course, and be able to spend my time helping our my local club, Brighton Tri.