Clumber Park Result

First race of the year is both a nervous and exciting affair, and it proved to be at a really well run event. Jav completed the Clumber Park Duathlon, however in his words, probably his worse result in years. He came 59th overall and 12th in his age category. Poor preparation meant his run was under par. Spending the week leading up to this race drinking port in Lisbon on a work trip isn't the kind of preparation you would find in any coaching manual!

Jav has another chance at qualifying in 2 weeks at the Morpeth Duathlon 6th April 2014. So he has two good weeks to get some good speed work on his run, to put him in position to perform as he can do. Breakdown of result and picture.....

Position: 59            

Category: M 45 - 49      

Run 1: 19:43    

T1: 1:03   

Bike: 33:00    

T2: 0:45   

Run 2: 10:13      

Total: 1:04:43